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Something happened with the old Chopin widget I had here and it was making the page jump to a YouTube promotion. I finally discovered this and had to delete the widget. Which I'm sorry for because it was cooler than all get out. I'm going to still plug Chopin in here because a number of people enjoyed listening. May take me awhile to get it worked out. Cheers.

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Zol Light

Zol Light
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Musac and fish for brains

You can stay on this page and read while listening to either Chopin ( you don't have to do anything for this option, it will play automatically, or Music of the Soul (by clicking on the play button down and to the right). To watch the graphics with Chopin, scroll down within frame and then center the graphics in the window. Just click on either screen to stop the music.

To the right of the Chopin graphics, you'll notice that by moving your mouse, the fish will follow. Be mesmerized by the music and graphics of Chopin while you play with the fish. Be careful, you may reach an altered state!

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For those coming for the first time, welcome! This novella is an experiment in social media. Try to explore links as time allows, which will provide surprises. Make it a game of scavenger hunt. Can you find the link within a link which will allow you to enjoy this unreal sound again?

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Chapter Twenty

Dander on a Snow Monkey

Rebirth is not what you might think. Past sins are simply reclassified. They don't go away. Life ahead is still tedious. Lunch isn't free, but you probably qualify for the senior discount. There is a new cast to the color of everything, as long as you remember to apply the filter. You are subject to periods of forgetting though.

And one more thing, from the point of being reborn, you must grow. The secret is in the crystalization process. Concentration isn't exactly the right word, but effort must be applied for the light to become totally pure. If I tell you much more you'll be subject to arrest by the Polish Police (this one you're supposed to laugh about because you will soon learn that the Polish Police is a concept to keep the uninitiated in perpetual imbalance--how's that for a mind twister?).

A friend once suggested that I try to write with restraint. I notice now that I'm bending the rules a little. Let's see if I can return to simple story telling....

Duchess was the teacher whom I summoned. DuBois was a dimension of my own higher self. The Chits were protein on the road to health. Keya acted as a magical mirror to reflect a light which shines within. Before I reveal the surprise ending to this dance of the gypsy moon, I want to share some shining jewels.

One. Take a deep breath and savor it. If you're not smiling at this moment, you're doing something wrong. Rinse. Repeat.

Two. Realize that nothing could be any different than it is. How could it be? If it was ANY different, it would be COMPLETELY different. So hold up your level palm to your mouth and blow that concern away. Watch it separate into hundreds of little umbrella like pistils and stamens that float down and fertilize the organic humus of creation. Hence the expression "shit springs eternal."

Three. All that lies before and all that follows isn't worth the dander off a snow monkey's ass. When you arrive at contentment in the center of your NOW, recognize it. It is pure light. Learn to stabilize it and your home and everything connected to it will be wonderous and rejuvenating.

Now on with the show.... (hint, this video will change soon, but for the time being, this is what's up...Doc).

After the Rain
I was back at the scene where I had originally met Keya for our New Year's get together. She came around the corner. I wondered, "Is she familiar with what has transpired since the first time we met like this? Has she come back, also with new tools to navigate life? Or has this just been my own Scrooge like fairy tale of a dream?"

"I had the most extraordinary experience," she blurted.

It was hard for me to contain my own joy connected to this journey. Extraordinary? Is that a big enough word? Then this hand seemed to hold me down from my shoulders and I got still. For a moment I wanted to run off with excitement and explain everything I know. But instead I just smiled. My heart was open. So I listened.

"Derby, have you ever wondered what life would be without JetPhones and Lapzols? Does Zol rely on the snap and crackle of electrons? And if a tree fell in the wilderness and landed on your foot and you cried out but no one was there to hear, would that be similar to the sound of one hand clapping?"

I scratched my chin. "Is it possible that there was a tear in the fabric of creation, and Keya is now doomed to be an endless stream of mixed metaphors?"

Stay tuned...


  1. I love your emphasis on the 'now' but I'm not so sure about the "shit springs eternal" philosophy.

    Are you sure you didn't mean "hope" and "love"??

  2. well, these things just happen. the mix of two sayings, nurtured by the potting soil of rotting bacteria, could also be called Eue de vie

  3. Maybe "Merde de vie" is more accurate! :-)