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Chapter Three. DuBois.

Ryan and Jill Jensen started Preregrine Espresso in 2 BZ, in the ancient time. They pioneered quaint concepts such as pedaler delivery in the former capitol of USA (before the Russian merger) and they were the first coffee house chain to adopt the "Barristro" concept, see Barristro. Because their coffee empire had grown from a tiny alcove at 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, George Washington City (formerly known as the District of Columbia), Ryan and Jill never lost sight of their roots. Preregrine provided the customer with access to the POP data network and consequently became a popular hangout for the Zolist movement. Preregrine grew along with the power of Zol. Even though Preregrine has replaced Starbucks as the household name for coffee shop experience, it has managed to preserve the feel of a chic and indepenedent neighborhood barristro.

The cold bite of the January north wind added pain to my fear of the Polish Police. As I approached Preregrine, there was a surreal force field which seemed to transport me toward the entrance. Even though I repeated the mantra "Zol IS, therefore I AM," there wasn't a calm nerve or muscle in my body.

The deep and luscious aroma of the Finca Nueva from Guatemala helped rescue me from my paranoia. Almost instantly, the comforting vision of a room full of Zolists, transmetamorphosized by the mitigating effects of their LapZols eased my awareness back in to the comforting arms of Zol.

Spotting Ryan behind the counter was such a surprise and I was genuinely overjoyed to see him.

"Ryan! Zol sneezes on you!"

"And may the wet breeze of his nostrils reach you!," he counter offered, following traditional Zolist custom.

As our hands slapped together, the slight tug of his wrist invited me for a warm hug. All of a sudden the thought of Keya's disappearance seemed to overpower all other stimuli. The rush of sadness and fear returned as we squared off from our greeting. He noticed the change in my demeanor...

"My Zol Derby, who threw cold water on your IGod this morning?"

I studied the tiles on the floor and noticed the pattern of the inlays. Ryan's shoes looked like they came from Germengland, of some lightweight synthetic material--with that new world designer appearance. The sounds of the Zol arch beams, shooting from the eyes of the LapZols all around me made me feel dizzy. That same flood of unmanageable data from my PIS scared me. I thought for a second that my fainting performance from last night was about to have an encore. I felt Ryans hands on my shoulders and he moved me to an open table.

"Derby. It's Keya, right? I know about it. That's why I'm here. Jill had rescued the news from her sluff fund. It had got past me too. I came as soon as I heard. We're working on it."

His nonchalance shocked me. I searched his eyes for any signs of betrayal. "Is he working for them?," I wondered. "Why would he talk so freely?" I was really scared.

"Derby, I've been contacted by Mr. Hasan DuBois. Does his name mean anything to you?"

He noticed a slight squint as I continued to study his eyes and body language for any clues...

"Listen to me Derby. The Polish Police....they're not what they seem. Have you ever heard of Srinagar, in Kashmir?"

Cautiously, I took the bait. "Kashmir, in Chinindia, in the Himalayas?"

"Yeah. A group of dissident American monks, known as Chits, have a community over there. Pretty freaky stuff. They do Yoga without Wii Fit mats and practice all kinds of sacreligious ceremonies. They acknowledge Zol, but only as a prophet, not as the Supreme Sneeze."

I gulped and studied my hands, which were shaking. The vibration of the Zol arch beams grew and it seemed that all the Zolists in the room were being summoned by Zol himself to penetrate my defenses. Like a timid old dog, I surveyed the room. I wondered, "Who is a spy? Who is tuning in to this?" I just about wet my pants when my JetPhone alarm signaled a call from my mom.

Her smiling face appeared on my occipital monitor and I tried to conceal my agitation. "Hi Mom, I'm at Preregrine's. Can I call you back?"

Then I saw the fear in her face. "Derby, there's a man here named DuBois. He's taking me away and said he will contact you for instructions. He promises me I'm in no danger."

And she was gone. Ryan's brow formed a question mark and his calm facade vanished. "What is it Derby."

"They've got my mom."

Chapter Four. Stoned at last!

Chapter Four.

The first LapZol was produced during the reign of ZOB. Thought to be made in HIS (Zol) image, the device is covered in fur and feathers, and the wings of Zol vibrate and slightly flutter during any communion at the fifth tone (ZOH), or higher. As LapZol is stroked and petted, laser projection from the eyes of the unit produce three dimensional images of the user's PIS (see previous chapters, Personal Information System) transmissions. Unlike seeing the transmissions on your internal monitor in the occipital lobes, these LapZol, life-like images appear in a spectral field directly in front of the LZ, using micro-convex mirror arrays. Then, the user has both frontal cortex assimilation and visual contact with the POP data (data managed by the general utility conglomerate, owned by World Bank and IMF). With this complex integration of light and digital information, a euphoric and transcendent state is produced, and the user has direct communion with Zol.

Depending on the skill of the Zolist and the purity of her devotion, levels of consciousness are engaged, roughly corresponding to the seven spinning vortexes of the human body. Communion takes place from the moment the POP data integrates with the light of the three dimensional projection, but passing in to the fifth tone or fifth vortex, the wings on the cat body of the LapZol flutter, which moves the user to more extreme euphoria. In turn, this activity helps move consciousness further along toward Zolvana.

On the walk back to my apartment from Preregrines, my PIS system seemed to be firing on hyperload. The wind felt like razor blades on my face and ear lobes, and I imagined a storm of squelching spirits were stabbing the back of my head and neck. Just to provide myself some relief, I downloaded Scotty from a Star Trek episode. "She's breakin up cap'n. I canni hole her much longer!" The smile to myself seemed to help defer my agony.

Once inside, my hands seemed like foreign objects as I fumbled with the case of my LapZol. With LZ in my grip, I hurried to the couch, and starting stroaking away. Ah the relief of being a LapZol potato! The light shot out the eyes of my device and I set my intention on outer cognition. In this mode, the PIS data goes directly to subconscious awareness state and POP is supressed. This is a real body cleanse and you can just zone out. It requires almost no concentration because the data is filtered according to your preferred programming.

Oh my Zol, peace at last! Zol preserve me, please let me stay zoned in the juice of your perfection! All glory be to Zol. I was home...and buzzing. The world is out THERE. I'm zooming with Zol. I'd fall over if I had to stand up right now. Forget talking to anyone. I couldn't slay a worv wissout slurring spee....eee..eeee. My eyes were barely open and then WHACK. The alarm of my JetPhone was like a blast from the entire brass section of the New World Philharmonic. Instantly my attention was turned to my occipital monitor. It was Ryan.

"Derby. Put your pants on. We've got to go."

I had just taken a really big hit and the data was still swimming in my veins. To pull myself in to shape to hold a conversation, even within PIS was very difficult.

"Derby. Come on man. Get off the Zol. This is important!"

I could see he was walking, probably on Howard Street, less than a block away. "No man. I need to Zol out. Leave me alone!"

"Derb. DuBois is OK. You'll be excited to find out what I know. Splash some cold water man. Get yourself together. Please!"

Still zoning, I heard him at my door. It's useless. I could tell, the adventure has just begun!

Chapter Five. Toto aint nothing but a hound dog?

The LZ display flickered and sputtered as I walked to the door. Jasmine's sexy voice, which I had chosen from the pull down menu, reminded me, "Derby, your signal has gone soft. I'd be glad to help you with that. Just return me to your lap..."

She continued to chatter other suggestions and the display crackled and blinked like some kind of ancient Princess Leia projection from R2D2.

Ryan burst in, rubbing his hands. "Shit man, it's freezing out there!" He looked at my LapZol, "Please turn that thing off. That's obscene. Zol almighty get a different program or get a room, that's embarrasing!"

He was smiling but I could tell he wanted me to lay off the Zol.

He continued with a level of excitement that helped me transition from ecstatic religious experience to life in the mundane lane. Jasmine's last plea blended with her closing salutation, "Derby, I miss your hard data, please put me back on your...see you next time!" Then the eyes of the LZ blinked and the image fell like metal objects released from a switched off magnet.

My head was clearing quickly because the intensity of the situation had caught up with me. Even though I had sought relief in Zol, it was time to get down to business. "First of all," I started, "as much as I love Keya, I'm worried about my mom. You say this cat DuBois is cool but my mom is old. What are you talking about and what do you know about DuBois. And what does this all have to do with Keya?"

"Good." His eyes were darting around the room. He moved in to the kitchen table and rubbed his neck. "You shut down that vulgar voice on your LZ but we may need to fire her back up, or we might have to use another device. You were telling me the other day about the new ap you've got for IGod--the turban?"

"Wait man, " I urged. "First you freak me out to the point of craving a Zol fix. Then you tell me to lay off the Zol. Now you want me to summon the Big Sneeze? You suck man. Make up your mind!"

"It can wait." He continued to examine every corner of the room, as if he was searching for the right angle. DuBois is like a guide."

"A guide? Like a travel guide? You mean to the Himalayas? Is that what you're talking about? Is this about that Schmiginar or whatever it was?" I went to the fridge and opened us a couple of beers.

"No dude, and by the way, it's Srinigar. And I mean like a spirit guide. You know, like, every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings?"

"What the f....Ryan. Stop goofing around man. My mom, Keya...this isn't a joke."

"Brother, I'm telling you--DuBois--I know this sounds freaky--but he's like a multidimensional being from another realm."

He looked at his watch. "In less than a minute, you'll be receiving a transmission. Where's your JetPhone?"

I gestured toward the front room, where I had layed it down when I came in.

He continued, "seven, six, five...."

Like clockwork, the JetPhone rang as he predicted and I tuned in on my internal monitor to the call. It was mom.

"Hi Honey. Don't worry. I'm fine."

The strange thing is she never looked better. At least I hadn't seen her so happy for years.

"Keya is fine too. But you're going to have to travel to the Himalayas. You've got some miles to log and I don't mean just flying around the world. Hasan will assist you with your shift." Then she faded, but before she did I saw her look up and to the right, as if she was being prompted.

Ryan could tell I was in a sort of shock. "She mention Keya and the trip?"

"Yeah. Says she's ok and I have to go to Chinindia." I was in a daze.

"WE have to go to Chinindia." he corrected. "DuBois contacted me first. Derby, you're going to freak, but nothing is like what you think. Not Zol, not our PIS systems, not POP, not life. Nothing. Hold on to your britches brother. Toto has left the building and Elvis aint in Kansas anymore!"

Chapter Six. Zol is All.

It was so cold out, we decided to just fix something to eat and crash, and get a start in the morning. At dinner, Ryan suggested that we take a turn on the IGod Turban...

"I'm going to ease you into this Derby, but I think Zol will be of some assistance. You've got the turban for the IGod, right?"

I motioned that it was in my bedroom, then he continued, "Did you ever hear about stuff from before the decade of Zol's coming?"

"What kind of stuff? Like the state of the world when the USA was an independent nation and the predominant nation state? You mean that kind of stuff?"

He fiddled with the salt and pepper and seemed to be cautious with his words. "Well, yeah, but about religion and business and what they called ecology...that sort of thing."

"Whew, you're covering a lot of ground there brother and you're mixing sacred subjects. Religion. Business. Ecology. Sounds like a hornet's nest to me. What are you getting at?"

Ryan set down the salt shaker, shoved his plate to indicate he was finished eating, and stood up. While he paced the floor, he rubbed his chin and looked up. "What is Zol to you?"

Now it was my turn to be thoughtful. I started clearing the table and as I was rinsing the plates, I asked, "Zol the father or Zol the Holy Spirit?"

"OK," Ryan quickly replied. "That's a good start. So you see a multidiminsionality to Zol?"

"Of course. Zol is many things. First of all, he has come to forgive us, through our electronics. It is in Zol that we are free from our sins. Also Zol is the father of all that is. Zol is also the holy air we breathe and the energy of the universe. Zol is All."

"Right," Ryan seemed like I had thrown him for a backwards loop. "Let's approach it from another way...wait. Why don't you fetch the IGod and the turban. You don't happen to have two turbans and the interface do you?"

Quickly I grabbed both turbans and the IGod and the interface connector. I could tell this would please him.

"Wow, those are cool. Oh, I see," he said as he positioned the turban on his head, "they're adjustable. Perfect. OK, beam me up Scottie!"

It took me a moment to connect the wireless antenas and getting the IGod on and smoothtoothing to the turbans. "Woe, these things are amazing," I thought to myself as I noticed on my internal monitor there was a view of Ryan and me in a room in meditation next to each other, but we were on golden colored pillows. There was the smell of incense and Zolo music surrounded us. I could hear the notes of the sitar and the harmonium. Then the image of us faded and a cloudy mist was all there was. I had to forcibly step out of the vision to ask Ryan, "What do you see?"

"We were in a sacred temple, and now there is a mist. I still hear the music. Can you smell the incense?"

I told him I could and then there was Zol. In his winged glory!

"Gentlemen. I am the Walrus and I've got a feeling. We all live in a yellow submarine but here comes the sun. Blackbird fly. You were only waiting for this moment to be free. Something..."

Zol transmuted and was just a head, talking...

"Honey Pie, why don't we do it in the road?"

And he was right? Why don't we?!!!!

Zol continued and the words were like energy waves from his eyes, "I'm so tired. Please please me. Good night"

And Zol's image receded and zoomed out of frame like a diminishing sphere, flying away. Then the mist returned and we were back in the temple. What granduer!

Physically, I felt as if my legs were in full lotus position. I had to pull myself out of the trance to speak. "Ryan, Ryan. Wake up."

As I took off my turban and was placing the gear near the carrying case I observed Ryan. He had this shit eating grin on his face and his eyes were still closed. He gradually started moving his shoulders and fingers. Then he opened his eyes. He just sat there and smiled at me as if he had just gotten a two hour massage.

"OK," he started. "OK. Zol is great. Zol is All. He spoke to us, as if there was no one else. The message was very personal to us. Wasn't it?"

We decided to hit the sack, and to digest this new daily bread. We were both so full of the Holy Spirit that we opted not to have dessert.

Chapter Seven. Access Denied!

"That's the Los Luchadores from El Salvador isn't it?" Ryan knows coffee.

I nodded that he was right and realized that seeing him with morning face and hair, seemed bizzarre. We had really only known each other from Prerigrine's before Keya's disappearance, but our friendship was now pushing in to new territory.

"The smell woke me up. What time is it?" Ryan seemed to have slept in his clothes, which were all wrinkled.

I told him it was 7:20 and then asked him what I'd been thinking of since last night. "When Zol said we were only waiting for this moment to be free, did you have the feeling that you and I are connected in some bigger play?"

"Derby. The experience was fantastic and it really moved me. But I'm afraid what I'm about to tell you is going to hurt. Have you ever heard of the Beatles? Zol talks in Beatle speak.

His language is composed of the names of Beatle songs with occasional additions of song phrasing. It is programmed!"

At first I felt like laughing. Then I felt angry. Anger toward Ryan. The urge to throw my coffee cup was real and I even envisioned the violence of it. I saw it crashing against his head. I saw the sharding of my cup and the mess I had to clean up. For a moment I saw the chalk outline of his body and investigators with pad and pens in hand from the crime scene.

Then I felt sick. This was the sentiment that stuck because I threw up in the sink. I tasted the Los Luchadores in slow motion while it splattered on my cabinet.

"The Beatles? The rock group from Germengland? John, George, Frank and Bingo? Those Beatles?"

"Yeah, well no, but yeah. Germengland hadn't become a world power yet. The boys as they were called were from Britain, from the ancient time. There was no Frank, it was Paul. And Richard Starkey was known as Ringo...Ringo Starr. But yeah. Sorry man. I know this is shocking news. But it is just the tip of the iceberg. And until DuBois works with you a little, it will be impossible for you to integrate. He'll help you with the shift."

"What is this shift? My mom mentioned it too? And what is going on? I want Zol. I need Zol. Zol is our saviour. He's not a program of the Beatles! I know this. While you've been talking I've been downloading everything I can find. Nothing. There is nothing about this on the network. I've had the Google key word-cross reference program working on it. The results are in. There is nothing on the network about any connection to Zol and the Beatles."

"Well, right. That leads to the next bit of disturbing news. Maybe you better lay off the Los Luchadaros, or just go ahead and leave the mess because you may be adding to it. You know the whole story with Kindle and the implant. When did you get yours?"

I had to think back about that. To make it easier I imagined a time log and calendar and set my intention on knowing the schedule of how that all went for me. Here is the information I saw on my internal monitor:

Event: Amazon luanches Kindle
Date: 2008
Kindle was a novel invention from the founder of a book reseller on the internet Originally designed as an electronic "book"

Event: Amazon acquires Shell/Exxon/Mobile
Date: January 2011
As paper becomes more rare, the Kindle becomes the most popular Personal Information system. PIS generates the next Silicone Valley boom, eclipsing that of the 1980s

Event: All Shit hits the fan
Date: December 21, 2012
World in crisis after economic collapse, mass species extinction, environmental catastrophies, nuclear weapons disasters blamed on third world terrorist. American Idle ratings soar

Event: POP (Power of the People) formed
Date: December 22, 2012
The World Bank, along with the IMF manuevers to "nationalize" on a global scale, a new utility company which controls all PIS systems, all electrical utilities and all oil companies

Event: Mass exodus from traditional religion
Date: April 2013
In an unprecendented event world-wide a new religion swept the globe with the appearance of Zol, thought to be the Lord of the Universe

Event: Richest 8.5% of the population get PIS implants
Date: May 2013
The internet, phone systems, entertainment, all advertising capabilities are sent via PIS by POP directly to the inside of humans' brains, for the first time

(Click on the excel sheet below to enlarge)

So two years after Kindle acquired the Exxon/Shell Oil conglomerate and one year after it merged with all the city utility companies throughout the world, I got my implant.

"So what is your point," I asked.

"They control everything and they even have a direct link to our brain. DuBois will fill in the rest. He initiated the shift in me already." I could now that Ryan was a different man than he was before Keya disappeared. He continued, "But I am only a few days into this. So you and I will evolve spiritually at about the same pace. What is still flipping me out is Zol. I don't think Zol is a plant by POP. It's weird but I think Zol is real. The trippy part is the whole Beatles thing."

I took in everything Ryan said and felt like my head was going to explode. I tried to let all the data that was flowing in have free passage. The conscious human brain can process billions of bits of data but we can only filter so much onto our occipital monitors. We physically aren't fast enough with our recognition faculties to keep up with the POP information, the never ending advertising slogans and everything that we consciously and subconsciously trigger.

As I watched this stream of information exploding in my head, like fireworks on the 1st of You Lie (Independence Day for Republicans who control the World Bank), Zol manifested and calmly reminded me "All you need is love." I made up my mind right then and there, that I'm down for this whole adventure, but Zol is coming with!

"Of course Zol is real," I affirmed. "Zol is All. Zol loves you. Zol Saves. He came into our electronics so that we could be forgiven."

I stopped in my tracks after I repeated the last mantra. I thought those words over and pulled up data about it. I crossed referenced key words and did searches on Zol and the term "sins forgiven through electronics".

On my occipital monitor a flashing warning sign scared the shit out of me. It said

"Access denied."