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Chapter Twenty Three

My Mother said "Grokked"

"Keya, there is something I must tell you. I'm not sure why and how, but our destinies have become intertwined."

"What is it Derby? What are you talking about? Please, if you know something that explains that weird scene at Preregrine's, please share. Did you have a message from Zol?"

She seemed so scared and yet I had no concern that she would suffer much longer. Like a gentle stream reshapes rough rocks into round stones, I tucked Keya's being safely into my marsupial like pouch of consciousness. Kindness onto kindness my inner guide instructed me in the art of comforting her. I held her hand and set my eyes on her. She seemed to release tension by the second.

I closed my eyes and remembered what Mom said when she appeared in the tea room within the Chit's compound.

"Derby. I'm ill. If it hadn't been for a phone call from Keya, who was frantic to find you after an odd experience she had in a coffee house, I may have died. But just as she had stumbled upon a meeting which she wasn't supposed to have seen, I also witnessed her ascension with DuBois. So he had no choice but to take me along too. He immediately grokked my tumor. It's a miracle Derby. DuBois isn't from our time...Did you know?"

Grokked. My mother had said grokked. That stood out to me.

"Yes Mom, so I've been told." We hugged like we never had before. "These freaky folk are growing on me too mom." We laughed and held each other at arms length and hugged again and laughed some more.

I opened my eyes because I felt the burn of Keya's gaze.

"What you saw at Prerigrine's was a meeting of transformed humans," I explained.

"Transformed? Zolphoria? Possessed by the Zoly Spirit? Like flying Zolo except Zol is their co-pilot? Is that what you mean?'

"No darling." I pulled her to me and positioned the top of her head so that my mouth was an inch from her Crown Chakra. The sound of a distant sand storm emanated from my lips and I felt Keya collapse into a deep sleep. For 40 seconds I blew the cleansing breath of Tio Tabasco's grandfather directly into Keya's abdomen from the top of her head.

She stirred just before coming to. "Don't forget the steaks," she said, still asleep but talking.

"OK," I played along. "What kind of steaks do you want?"

"I don't care," she slurred. "As long as they'll hold up the fence."

And then her eyes popped wide open.

Conclusion. The Hand Off

The Beginning

Keya's wide eyed glare reminded me of my look at Warbling as he explained the convoluted mesh of myth and fallacy.

"There never was nor will there ever be a Polish Police. Naturally I'm kidding by suggesting that this is their headquarters. But we Chits are the basis of the rumor. And there is also an axiomatic foundation for people to have this frantic compulsion to possess Polish papers."

I blushed because I wondered if they knew of my own purchase when Reya and I bought ours.

"But wait," I offered. "I saw an elderly woman being taken while her grandson protested! Those men, they were the Polish Gestapo. I watched the episode unfold!"

"Circumstances such as the one you witnessed are stunts by the POP undercovers. Subversive staging to keep the masses off balance. It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic."

"So what do you mean the foundation for people's compulsion to own papers?, " I demanded.

"The elders were informed by the great SPIRIT, while in ceremony, that the time would come that mankind would fall prey to the addiction of electronic stimulation, by the invisible hand of the corporate scourge. The Chit forefathers were guided to produce an antitoxin that would neutralize the cloud of blindness.

Our printing press is more than just a machine that snaps out stamped words," Alfred continued. "These papers...these NY Times...they're a passport to a higher potential. Our  outpost near Srinigar isn't Shangra La. It is a monastery. But we're paving a road to a human Utopia, one initiate at a time. Each of you are recruiters. And your copy of this special edition of the NY Times will enable you to guide others."

"So what am I to do? When will I find my power?," I protested.

"First your baptism. Then a second meeting with Keya. You'll know when to pass it along." Warbling left me hungry for more facts and I remember now, how empty I still felt at that moment. But now Keya sits transfixed, with eyes as big as silver dollars.

"Keya. I have to go now but you will soon understand your mission. Do you trust me? Will you relax into your full potential? Because you will soon find your house in the mountains by the river. This much I know!"

For a moment I saw a flash of panic in her eyes but my Inner Guide sent a spiraling energy from my forearms and when my fingers wrapped around her wrist and I pulled her into me, I felt her relax.

"Yes," she said. "I feel the warmth of your healing energy. I don't have a clue what lies ahead but I'm confident that a light will lead me."

We hugged one last time and as she walked away she didn't notice what I dropped in her bag.