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Chapters One and Two

Chapter One. The meeting.

How can we live in a time of prosperity and freedom and still be threatened by an unlawful organization? What is the justification and why does our own government not protect us? Who is behind the Polish Police and by what authority do they operate?

Everyone knows that the situation is out of control. No one...not a single citizen... would defend the actions of this Gestapo. But we all act like everything is peachy and cool. And you can't say a thing, even to your family. You're constantly looking over your shoulder. Very dangerous.

Thank Zol for Zol! He is so mighty! Today I had the most vivid experience! With this new platform from IGod, you wear a turban which is fitted with electrodes. Each electrode corresponds to one of the 147 scalp chakras. When the wireless antenna activated the signal, it happened fast. Swoosh, I was in a wind tunnel and Zol came to me.

I'll never forget what he said...

"Shake it up baby now. It's been a hard day's night and you've been working eight days a week. Come together as Mother Nature's son. I'm the fool on the hill."

Praise Zol! The fool on the hill? Oh, he speaks to me! Zol was never more beautiful or relevant. His words were genuine. No question. I was so close to full-blown Zolvana, I could almost taste it!

Later, I saw on the news that E-verdoses are way up. Both suicides and accidental deaths related to bathtub Zol trips have sky rocketed. It struck me as so sad that there are so many legitimate methods to have communion with Zol, and yet all these unnecessary tragedies are happening.

The IGod is tried and true and Nintendo's Tai Wii is phenomenal. Even though upgrades are long overdue, XBox Nirvana still offers great colors and a real body rush. Windows 3d Eye is sure to rule the landscape, as every device comes installed with it. And everyone seems to be Tantra Texting.

What is it about street corner modules which make them popular? This stuff is junk and so dangerous! Even Astral Pro Jetsons, which started out as an illicit electronic experience has moved main stream. Why would you choose some knock off electronics from an illegal E-Lab when Donkey Crown (Chakra) is in every pub and coffee shop?

As I hurried to meet Beckeya for our annual New Year's coffee, the news of these E-verdoses kept me from enjoying the bustling activity of the street. My eyes were peeled for the Polish Police, but today I didn't witness any incidents.

Then she came from around the corner and happy memories returned. She was my first audience. It was in 9th grade Creative Writing with daily installments of my Chicken Man adventures. As she approached, her facial expression told me that life was about to take a different course.

I couln't tell if the source of the excitement was fear, some pending confession or some new love interest. But something had washed over her to modify her DNA.

"I had the most extraordinary experience," she blurted.

I knew nothing was going to keep the story from coming, but offered assistance...


"No! Well...all is Zol... but this was really weird."

"What was it? When? How did it happen?"

"It turns out that if you go to Peregrine Espresso before 10 a.m. on the day after Christmas, the cafe scene will be LapZol-free! It was so quaint - just people drinking coffee and talking to each other. Wow. Who knew??"

No LapZols
? What do you mean? No devices?"

"No! Nothing. No Jet phones, no LapZols, no TantraTexting. Really weird!"

Naturally, she was speaking symbolically. It is impossible in 2029 to find a device free zone. Since Zok (6th Generation), it would be illegal to go anywhere out of network. The Polish Gestapo are not to be reckoned with.

"I don't know what you mean. Explain."

"It was just that," she further explained. "No devices. Just people! Visiting. Talking. Hugging. Laughing."

"But how," I asked. "How could anyone be happy without devices? Out of network? How would Zol be present? We are only saved through Zol? I don't get it?"

"I know...," she seemed unable to find words.

"It was just amazing. I've been dying to tell you about it. I was scared to even mention it to anyone."

"Exactly," I said, while looking around the room cautiously, "Very dangerous. Don't mention it again. Promise me."

She flinched when my hand grabbed hers and I was scared for my safety too. But mostly for hers.

"They're everywhere!"

She was shaking her head, as if she was way ahead of me. We sat down at the Donkey Crown table and started to play. Soon I was pretty stoned. Zol was rushing through my veins. Praise Zol!

"Derby?," Keya petitioned to get my attention.

"Yeah." I was so loaded, but could tell she wanted to come down off the trip.

"Oh no, you want to stop don't you?"

"Derby. You know how much I love Zol and you. And I'm buzzing now and loving it too. But, this thing. I can't explain it. No LapZols..."

"But Keya, my love.... We've been redeemed through Zol. He came to our electronics so we could be forgiven. Glory be to Zol."

She seemed so sad but at the same time ecstatic. I've seen her on Zol a million times and never known her to turn down a chance to trip, but she was different. I swear I could see the sun in her eyes!

"Derby. Will you come with me? Back to Preregrine? I'm scared to go back. But Zol almighty, I need another fix of that experience. I'm really Jonesin..."

The controls held me tight and to let go of the Chakrashuk was very difficult. Gradually I peeled my fingers off and the buzz started to fade.

"Phew. That was intense. Zol be praised! What a rush!."

As I told her that, Keya was smiling but seemed high on something else. Like some out-of-Zol experience. I've read about them, but have never believed it could happen. I was trembling when I looked in her eyes. I knew that all Hell was about to break loose.

"Let me think about it?" I asked her.

We hugged and when she walked away, the ache of emptiness practically made my knees buckle. Then she was gone. Zol help her.

Chapter Two. The Call.

No books or newspapers had been produced since the time of Zok (known as the Sixth Generation). In fact all paper products were outlawed during the Kingdom of Zolz, four generations before Zok. Recycled paper was stored in vast treasuries by the very rich, and the index of the stock market was tied to the exchange of stored, recycled paper.

Great wars were prevalent in Peru, where the last remaining forest existed. Peruvian gangs controlled the traffic of black market paper (BMP), and paper became the diamonds of the century. Even though consumers could only procure new Peruvian paper through the black market, it was widely traded among the wealthy.

Some new paper was allowed for scientific or medical use and the government of Peru was the only legitimate manufacturer. This kind of paper was produced using sustainable forest practices and was traded between Peru and global super nations, such as the World Ruling Kingdom of Chinindia. China and India had merged after the fourth world war and emerged as the Ruling Kingdom, and the two other super powers USASSR and Germengland, also had limited trading rights of new Peruvian paper.

The internet company, Amazon, merged with General Electric and ChevronExxonMobileShell to become POP (Power of the People) as a global general utility company. POP was considered to be a public utility controlled by the people, but actually was owned by the World Bank and the IMF, and was managed by the World Trade Organization.

Because the Kindle, created by Amazon, had become the most widely used personal information system (PIS), Amazon's profits surpassed all other electronic giants to outgrow oil and even the electric utilities.

Kindle was no longer the antiquated book like device but was installed as eight dimensional sensory projection, by neural implants in various sections of our occipital lobes. It seems ironic that the company which invented the Kindle, which eventually replaced the need for paper, is also the name of the last remaining forest, which is the only available source of paper today, Amazon.

Most upper middle class and elite people of the world have built in PIS. But to access Zol, later generation electronics were developed such as LapZols and the Wii Ching. Ninetindo has been very successful with other Wii products such as the Wii Kung exercise module and the Tai Wii, moving meditation module. The Ninetindo 25th generation Yoga Fit platform is standard equipment, world wide as the only genuine method for authentic Yoga experience.
Still, about 7/8ths of the world is extremely poor and they dodn't have the luxuries of PIS or modern Zol electronics. Consequently the masses are extremely ignorant and confused. At least that is how we Zolists judge them.

Our brains have managed to evolve along with the electronics. Without learning to filter out information, PIS would have turned us insane years ago. This flood of data pours in to our brains directly from "the network" and it is estimated that PIS monitors and processes 20 million billion bits of data every 100th of a second. This is approximately 100 times more than what the capacity of our brain seems to be wired for.

No one has been able to explain scientifically how our biological gray matter outperforms the most sophisticated human made computer by 20 (raised to the power of 1000) times. Praise Zol! But each person has their own capacity and each person has developed a unique way to filter and process information.

Now that all library books and information, television, news, internet, basic telephone, police scans, weather and the more than ten trillion sources of advertising have been directly "wired" to our brains through PIS, all you have to do is have an impulse of interest about something and instantly that data is downloaded. The complication though is that subconsciously we monitor every new bit of information in a constant stream of downloads. Much of the data is contrasted by some opposite or debated point of view and our brains give us the opportunity to "decide" if we want to "trash" the data (known as sluffing), store it in "files," or to view it presently in our virtual "monitor."

The tricky part is that even sluffed data is never really destroyed, and much illness has been linked to sluff overload. This morning I woke up with the news of the latest violence in Peru. The Sujibujis had recently overthrown the Sheebejeebees tribal lords and had declared a Geeforall (a holy war) against all infidels, especially Zolists.

The terrorism alert had been raised to Ridiculous (the highest level). I knew that our underwear implants would be firing the laser scan sparks, and even though the pain only lasts for a few seconds, we generally have learned to just take them off during high levels of alert, to avoid the little burns and scabs that result from the sparks.

My PIS took a call from my brother-in-law.

"Derby, it's Scott. Did you hear about Beckeya?"

I felt my heart fall into my stomach and thought I was going to throw up.

"No, what is it? What happened?"

"She's missing. Her neighbor thinks the Polish Police took her."

Just then, I felt the rush of unmanageable data. Everything was flooding in, like car lights on an overcrowded freeway. Spears and bullets in every direction. And little stabbing shocks of energy.

I passed out.

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