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Chapter Eight. Zolo Comes to Town.

During the Christmas season in 2009, before America merged with Russia, about 17 billion cards, letters and packages were sent via the US postal service. Very few people know the astounding rippling effect of just four numbers, written within just three lines of sentiment, contained in just one card, sent to just one family, on one day in the ancient time. The card was sent to wish the Ripleys of Tinytown, Missouri a very Merry Christmas. Joshua Clearwater Ripley, the head of household read the card aloud to his wife and twelve year old daughter:

Dear Josh, Pam and Barbie. Wishing you A Very Merry Christmas. May Zolo bring you much success.

Mother and child, and father too, had the same question. "What is Zolo?"

When Pam studied the card, she discovered that the word was actually a number, 2010. In other words, their friend was just saying, "Happy New Year." Who would have guessed that such a simple misunderstanding would change the course of the universe forever!

Even though the error was discovered instantly and not much more thought was given to it, the fact remained that a statement was made, compounded by the fact that it was read outloud and that two other people also asked outloud, "What is Zolo?" You see words and sound have power beyond description.

As Hasan DuBois explained this account to me, I would have flinched and squirmed were it not for his amazing ability to relieve anxiety. Even though it was impossible to stop the flood of data from the book of Zol, which bombarded my occipital monitor, even as he spoke, I remained calm and serene.

From the W. C. Field's edition, Book One--Gin It Is, we read, "And Zolo appeared in the ancient time, which was the worst of times and the best of times. The world was in the grip of the longest war ever fought and many women and children had died. As the velvet waves caressed the shore, children splashed safely on the Riviera.

The stock market had nearly collapsed and families lost 2/3s of their savings. Oprah was making scads of crazy money. The ice caps were melting and many species did not survive. The mosquitos in the Amazon were thriving. People were suffering all across the planet and 16,000 children died of starvation per day. America's Biggest Loser had no shortage of potential stars.

The Jonas Brotherhood sat on a great wall. Bernie made off with the dough and had a great fall. In these extreme times of hardship and contrast, Zolo appeared from nowhere. In the beginning was the word. And the word was Zolo."

Within my body I noticed spaciousness and a euphoric sensation very different than electronic induced communion. The teaching of DuBois, contrasted with the downloads from the book of Zol seemed oddly compatible, though it was obvious they were wildy conflicting.

Hasan continued, "now when I touch you here," and I felt his finger on my left temple, "you will be shown a place, of which, you have never imagined."

As he said I was transported to a gathering of men, women and children. A picnic if you will. The sun was warm, though filtered by the leaves and branches of trees. We were in this long grove, seated around a rustic, stretched table and the chorus was of laughter and conversation. Often there was the clang of tipped wined glasses, touched in salute. Instantly when I wondered if such a scene could exist except in nature, the throng was transported to a country home, seated in a beamed dining hall. The setting had changed but the same lightness of heart was present. The room was full of sharing and festivity. The place was different but that which was important remained the same. I found myself asking, "Important? And what is important?"

Having this vision and aware of what my own definition of importance was, the gathering was once again swept to a fresh location. This time we were in a work environment, at a long desk, in a well lit auditorium. Instantly I recognized what was missing from this work scene. There were no computers, no devices, no phones. More conspicuously, what permeated the scene was this feeling of joyfullness. Naturally there was no wine. This time we were at work, but our work seemed to be play. For the air was filled with laughter.

Much hugging took place between women and children and men and women and even between men and men and kids and kids! There wasn't a frown to be seen or a discouraging word to be heard, or if there was, it was seldom.

Just when this game was really getting juicy, and I was about to fall further in to the midst of this loving collective of companionship, I felt Hasan's finger touch me on my left temple again. "This was the scene at Preregrine's, which Keya had managed to join."

Just then I looked around, for we were indeed at Preregrine. All was as usual, each table crowded with LapZols. The vibration of electronics buzzing like ten thousand bees swarming the hive. The atmosphere was charged with deadlines and fear, hopelessness and regret. Fear of missed opportunity. Hopelessness from misplaced trust. Regret that pending news of another abduction by the Polish Police would soon be announced.

As I had that thought, Hasan spoke. "I've asked Ryan to join us. What I'm about to explain will change your views of those whom you call the Polish Police. Sit Ryan. There is no Gestapo and no one is missing. This is all an illusion."

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